Director of Merchandising, E-Commerce North America | Crocs Inc.

Jennifer grew up in Waxahachie, TX. After graduating from college with a degree in Economics, her goal was to become a merchandiser/buyer and within two years and she moved to Pittsburgh, PA to achieve her goal. Subsequently she lived in NYC before moving to Colorado to further her career aspirations and to explore living the outdoor life. It was the change Jennifer was looking for and where she met her husband. Jennifer wouldn’t change any of the mistakes she has made along the way because they have all led her to her current role as Director of Merchandising, E-Commerce North America at Crocs.

EDUCATION & DEGREE(S) ACHIEVED: B.S. Economics, Texas A&M University

I COULDN’T DO MY JOB WITHOUT: My team. They do all of the heavy lifting, and I would be lost without them.

MOST IMPORTANT THING I HAVE LEARNED: Be open to all experiences good or bad. When something makes me uncomfortable, I know it’s something that I absolutely must do because it will make me grow as a person.

BEST ADVICE I WAS GIVEN OR THAT I WOULD GIVE: Leadership comes in the form of people following you because they want to, not because they have to. Leading through influence is much more powerful than leading through direct reporting.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE YOU’VE OVERCOME: I once was fired from a job. It was a life-changing event because I had to look deep inside and realize that I needed to change. It also made me a stronger leader. I know that I will make mistakes in my life, but knowing that I can rebound stronger after a mistake is what keeps me pushing and taking risks.

BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT TO DATE: I ran my first marathon in 2006 with Team in Training. The accomplishment wasn’t finishing the race but supporting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and running in honor of my cousin who had been diagnosed with leukemia the prior year.

WHAT OR WHO HAS ENABLED YOU TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL: I’ve had many great mentors who have advocated for me. If I had to name one person, it would be my mother. Before I could learn anything about leadership, my mother gave me a base that included a strong work ethic, drive, and determination to achieve goals.

BIGGEST LIFE LESSON: Embrace change — in whatever form it comes. When you stop changing, you stop growing.

WHAT YOU WOULD WANT YOUR LEGACY TO BE: Inspire women to be leaders and to see the value in developing the next generation.