JanSport announced the launch of its video contest, What's Your Outdoors. The contest invites people to share their favorite outdoor spot with JanSport's community for the chance to win $10,000.

Now through August 31, 2011, JanSport asks participants to film a 360degree view of their favorite outdoor spot – whether it's big or small, beautiful or weird. It could be the top of a mountain, the deep end of a pool, in the heart of the city or the furthest thing from it. As long as there is no roof, it qualifies. Once the spot has been captured, the videos are to be uploaded to www.jansport.com/whatsyouroutdoors, where all submitted videos will be added to a never-ending chain of submissions from around the world, creating a collective definition of what outside really is.

“As a forty-three year-old lifestyle Brand rooted in the outdoors, we've witnessed a change in how people experience the outdoors, from Woodstock to weekend camping trips, and  Mount Everest to music festivals,” said Courtney Blacker, JanSport Marketing Brand Director. “The biggest change is that young people don't have the 'get away from it all' attitude; they want to share their experience with other people, via social media, smart phones, etc. This video project provides a platform to show and share what being outdoors means to different people – the continuous loop is a visual representation of the expansiveness of the definition of outdoors.”

JanSport is a division of VF Outdoor, Inc.,