GoldToeMoretz has entered into a licensing agreement partnership with Southern Sport Inc. to manufacture, market, and sell the The Debris Inhibitor sports spat.  It will be sold under PowerSox, a Gold Toe brand in sizes and colors available for men, women and youth beginning June 2011.  MSRP will be $19.99.
“We are looking forward to bringing The Debris Inhibitor sports spat to athletes everywhere,” said Rodney Tesh, SVP sales, GoldToeMoretz. “The PowerSox brand is known for its commitment to better athletic performance through superior design and technology, and we expect this product will be a well-received addition to the line.”
Product benefits include:
· Prevents crumb rubber from artificial turf fields from getting into shoes and socks
· Keep laces tight and eliminates taping for show
· Protects costly cleats

The Debris Inhibitor sports spat is designed to wear for any sport played on artificial turf fields where turf crumbs could cause the athlete discomfort and distraction. The patented design provides a snug fitting nylon outer sleeve that adapts to fit over a variety of cleat patterns.  It pulls up over the shoe and ankle creating a barrier to keep crumb rubber, sand, and other debris out of shoes and socks.
It also keeps laces tight, replacing the time and cost of taping, known as spatting.  The Debris Inhibitor sports spat is machine washable and can be reused, unlike tape, which teams often use and discard on a daily basis.
“The PowerSox motto is 'Great performance starts feet first',” continued Tesh.  “Athletes know PowerSox as an important piece of equipment for making a difference, and The Debris Inhibitor will only add to that greatness.”