Sims snowboards is trying to alleviate any confusion and quell rumors surrounding the company’s staying-power. Apparently, the company was receiving reports from their sales reps that retailers were concerned about Sims’ new parent company, Itochu International, and its commitment to the Snowboard industry.

“We felt that in the face of constant and persistent negative trade rumors that we needed to let our dealers know in a public way that Sims is focused on supporting their efforts,” said Michael Tadgell, general manager of Sims. “Specifically, we have added a Canadian-based Customer Service office to serve our dealers, installed a new information system and have open purchase orders supported by ‘letters of credit’ to all our key factories. In short, we're open for business and Sims plans to be for a long time.”

Tadgell told BOSS that following the unfortunate Huffy situation, Itochu had signed a deal to operate Sims, Lamar, and LTD on behalf of Huffy. When Lamar and LTD were then sold back to Jamie Salter and others from Gen-X (see BOSS_0449), some retailers became confused about the future of Sims.

“I wanted to send out a message in clear, plain English,” Tadgell told BOSS. “The wholesale business is something completely new for Itochu; the Action Sports business is completely new for Itochu, but we are committed to this business for the long run.”

It seems the sentiment is echoed by ITOCHU’s management. “Itochu International is committed to Tom Sims and the Sims brand globally for the long term. Sims is step one in a new vision for ITOCHU International to be a player in the Action Sports wholesale business,” said Chris Chang of ITOCHU International, Inc. in a release.