The LCDi4 ushers in a new benchmark for realism in in-ear headphones for the connoisseur.

LCDi4 in-ear headphones by Audeze, the California-based hi-fi manufacturer who was the first company in the world to offer planar magnetic in-ear headphones, offers the connoisseur its luxury, ultra-high-end version in the LCDi4.

The term “planar magnetic” refers to a method of sound reproduction that utilizes a thin, clear film printed with a charged circuit that produces sound vibrations as it is pushed and pulled between two magnetic arrays on either side of the film. The LCDi4 utilizes the same technology used by the company’s flagship LCD-4 headphones including the material used for the film, which the company claims is no wider than a white blood cell.

The Audeze LCDi4, engineered and hand-crafted in the USA, is a compelling piece of audiophile equipment that is both innovative and offers high-end performance. As the only headphone of its type and caliber in the world at $2500 per pair, they are unlike anything on the market for listeners who prioritize sound and portability less cost.

Photos courtesy Audeze