An Italian company has acquired the full and exclusive rights to the Garmont brand name through the newly formed company Garmont International Srl. Garmont makes performance footwear for mountaineering, hiking and other outdoor pursuits. The transaction does not include Garmont ski boots, which Garmont sold along with its North American subsidiary last year to the US subsdiary of Scott Sports of Switzerland.

The Bressan Group, headed by Pierangelo Bressan, includes the outdoor apparel brand Prisma 2 Srlas well as Pedarco Srl, which holds the patents for the innovative Pedarco system for automating pedestrian overpasses.

Bressan is also cofounder and shareholder of VeNetWork SpA, a network of nearly 50 entrepreneurs from the Veneto region of Italy whose mission is to promote a corporate business culture through the financing of entrepreneurial activities that create local jobs. VeNetWork SpA also owns VeNetronic Srl, which has a similar mission but operates in the electronics and energy management industries.
Garmont International Srl has set up its headquarters in the Montebelluna area of Northern Italy, thus preserving a historical link with the territory in which the Garmont brand was originally established. The new company has also engaged the services of prior Garmont personnel to better capitalise on existing brand expertise and know-how.

“I am pleased to take on a brand with such substantial potential, an internationally established market leader in terms of product innovation and technical solutions,” stated  Bressan, who serves as president of Garmont International Srl. “I look forward to strengthening our services to better meet client needs and streamlining operations to ensure the company is flexible, competitive and reactive to an ever-changing marketplace.”

Garmont International Srl is committed to offering a full range of footwear under the Garmont® brand name, footwear designed to enjoy the mountains and the outdoors regardless of the weather or the season, providing the highest technical specifications with the goal of continuously elevating end user experience in terms of comfort, fit and function.