Isbjörn of Sweden reported it partnered with Raizemore to allow its customers to circulate their purchased apparel—another “step toward the [Isbjörn of Sweden] to be fully circular by 2030 and net zero by 2045.”

Maria Frykman, CEO, Isbjörn of Sweden: “At Isbjörn of Sweden, we are constantly committed to driving sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. As part of our ambitious ongoing sustainability plan, we’re incredibly excited to announce our collaboration with Raizemore, a pioneering platform for the circular fashion economy. Together and with the help of our consumers, we can all make a difference.”

Piloting in Sweden, The verification service from Raizemore is integrated with Isbjörn of Sweden’s business system, for customers to get an overview of previous purchases and to submit them for resale in the second-hand market, with no wait time for the clothing to be sold, as they receive a voucher immediately upon verification. Isbjörn of Sweden sees this as an “effective tool to increase the lifespan of sold garments even further while creating more satisfied and loyal customers who now have an easy way to circulate their previous purchases.”

Photo courtesy Isbjörn of Sweden