“While facing the potential manufacturing disruption resulting from the coronavirus outbreak, ISA TanTec is managing to minimize the negative impact of lead times to its customers, thanks to its geographical diversification which allows them to partially transfer their supply chain to USA and Vietnam. Having tanneries set up in Vietnam, USA, Italy, and China, ISA TanTec provides a highly risk diversified setup to customers.

“Having strictly followed the regulations of the local authority, we took immediate precautious and safety measurements in our facilities. The China facility has been immediately locked down. The safety of our employees was and is at all times our top priority.

“The China facility in Heshan was granted approval from the government to partly reopen on February 10 after being closed for an extended Lunar New Year holiday. To further protect personnel, safety protocols have been established and put in place, which includes but not limited to temperature measurement, mask protection, regular disinfection in the facility, and visitor restriction. —Uwe Hutzler, CEO, ISA TanTec Group

Photo courtesy ISA TanTec Group