Invista is investing more than $100 million in a new Lycra fiber production plant in Paulínia, São Paulo State in Brazil. Construction for the expansion project will begin immediately, with an expected opening in late 2012.

In addition to the investment in the new unit, Invista will implement new technologies to further enhance its production system, including Xtra Life Lycra fiber, which is 10 times more resistant to chlorine than another type of spandex; and the Lycra Xtra Fine Collection fiber, which is suitable for underwear and allows the production of lightweight fabrics with exceptional power and comfort.

Other innovations include the Lycra Beauty fabric, designed to create new solutions for shapewear; and Lycra Sport fabric, certified fabrics designed to meet specific requirements of high performance athletes.

Brazil is a growing and strategic market for our business, said David Trerotola, president of  Invista Apparel. The expansion of our Lycra fiber production is a reflection of the growth of our customers.

Invista currently has sites in Americana, producing SUPPLEX fabric, and Paulínia, where it produces Lycra fiber.


Brazils textile market is very integrated, with textile mills, garment and fashion brands with high penetration in the country and the world. Through our local and global innovations in textile fibers, we are able to offer even more solutions to customers, Trerotola said.

Invistas Paulínia site also has a demonstrated track record of success in productivity and industrial safety-operating for more than 36 years without a lost-time injury.


The Brazilian textile industry contributes $1.06 billion in annual revenues, according to the the Brazilian Association of Producers of Artificial and Synthetic Fibers (ABRAFAS).