Interbike to Remain in Vegas

In response to feedback to its announcement three weeks ago that it was moving the show to Anaheim in August 2011, Interbike announced the 2011 edition of the show will stay in Las Vegas and will be held Sep. 12-16.
“The announcement that we were moving the show dates and location elicited a very real response that surveys and discussions alone couldn't accomplish,” said Andy Tompkins, Interbike show director. “Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to this year's show and the countless conversations we've personally had with exhibitors and retailers regarding the future dates and location of Interbike, we are reversing our earlier decision to move the 2011 show to Anaheim in August. We are hearing loud and clear that, at this time, the industry prefers September dates and the convenience of Las Vegas.”
The indoor portion of the show will be held Sep. 14-16 at the Sands Convention Center, with the OutDoor Demo being held in Bootleg Canyon Sep. 12-13. The 2012 show also will be held at the Sands in Las Vegas Sep. 19-21 with the Demo Sep. 17-18.
The attention brought by news of moving the show to August allowed the entire industry to examine how it utilizes Interbike, what the show means to the marketplace, and helped solicit real and frank opinions from every sector of the industry. Based on this feedback and the success of Interbike 2010 (see press release), the show will move back to September in Las Vegas.
“Interbike has always been and will continue to be the industry's show,” continued Tompkins. “We have heard the market's passion and commitment to this event and we want you to know that we are listening. We believe the new direction will best serve the current needs of the marketplace.”

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Interbike to Remain in Vegas…

After two years of collecting data from potential host cities and polling retailers, manufacturers and industry partners, Interbike management announced the trade show will remain in Las Vegas.  Interbike said that they are currently finalizing an agreement with the Sands Expo and Convention Center to host the industry's show for a minimum of three more years, beginning with the 2010 show.

Bike industry members had expressed interest in moving the show last year to show support for a more cycling-friendly city, but Interbike concluded they could not beat the abundance of affordable flights, hotel rooms and entertainment offered by Las Vegas.  Interbike said 96% of retailers surveyed were very satisfied with their overall show experience. When asked which city would best suit their needs, 45% said Las Vegas, 36% said Denver, and 19% said Anaheim, CA.

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Interbike to Remain in Vegas

After two years of collecting potential host city data and retailer, manufacturer and industry partner feedback, Interbike management today announced the trade show will remain in Las Vegas, and that they are currently finalizing an agreement with the Sands Expo and Convention Center to host the industry's show for a minimum of three more years, beginning with the 2010 show.
“The decision to keep the Interbike show in Vegas comes after years of research and communication with our retailer attendees, exhibiting manufacturers and important industry partners,” said Lance Camisasca, Interbike's industry consultant. “The data and communication we have collected, along with industry recommendations from organizations like the National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) and Bikes Belong, confirm our decision to keep the show in Las Vegas.”

Keeping Las Vegas as the host city for the Interbike trade show came into question two years ago in preparation to renew the show's contract with the Sands Convention Center, which expires with the 2009 show. Among other things, members of the industry were interested in seeing the show support a more cycling-friendly city, while maintaining the best return on investment for exhibitors and retail buyers.


In identifying possible locations for the show, Interbike selected key market criteria it considered mandatory for a host venue. Interbike's top venue requirements include:

  • Contiguous exhibit space of at least 700,000 gross square-feet and ample meeting room space,

  • An event location where retailer and manufacturer attendance can be maximized, 

  • A large and diverse selection of hotels, restaurants and entertainment options conveniently located to the events,

  •  An international airport located within close proximity to the event with many flight options, numerous carriers and low airfare rates,

  • Relaxed labor union regulations and high quality services, 

  • An OutDoor Demo site with great weather, extensive cross country/downhill trails and a closed road loop, and

  • An event market that is recognized as a cycling culture destination.

After determining the requirements for a potential host city, Interbike gathered research and data concerning hotel room availability, transportation costs, labor rates and convention centers in cities such as Anaheim, CA, Denver, and Salt Lake City.

At the 2007 and 2008 Bicycle Leadership Conferences (BLC), Interbike presented to the industry host city suggestions and led roundtable discussions to assess the needs of exhibiting manufacturers. Manufacturer feedback included keeping exhibitor costs down, continuing to attract a strong audience of quality buyers and attending media, and strengthening the OutDoor Demo events, regardless of the show's location.


As part of its annual post-show retailer survey, Interbike asked specific questions about retailer satisfaction with the show, its locations and potential host cities. Retailer responses included:

  • 96 percent of retailers surveyed were very satisfied or satisfied with their overall show experience, 

  • The number one and two reasons retailers attended the show were to see new products and take in a variety of product segments, 

  • As of the April 2008, 88 percent of retailers are planning on attending Interbike this year.

  • When asked which city would best suite their business needs 45%said Las Vegas, 36% said Denver, and 19% said Anaheim.

  • Retailers' top reasons for choosing Las Vegas include the lodging, restaurant and entertainment options, fun destination and ease of getting to the event.

“While no one city is a completely perfect fit for the show, we are confident that Las Vegas continues to be the city of choice for the majority of our members,” said Fred Clements, executive director of the National Bicycle Dealers Association. “After numerous communications with our members and board and reviewing the annual survey results, the proof is in the numbers. In addition to what shop owners and managers say to us and what they put in a survey, retailers' loudest vote has been with their feet by attending the show.”


As a final step, armed with the numbers and data from the retailer survey, attendance history, host city research and manufacturer responses to panel discussions at the annual BLC, Interbike met with NBDA and Bikes Belong board members and presented the recommendation to keep Interbike in Las Vegas.


“Interbike did a great job of sharing their survey results and other research,” said Tim Blumenthal, executive director of Bikes Belong. “After so many years in Las Vegas, the simple idea of a new host city is appealing, but the data shows that retailers and suppliers still prefer this city for a variety of good reasons. Thus, we support the decision to stay for the next few years.”


“I will sleep well at night knowing that no stone was left unturned in our efforts to make the best decision for our industry's manufactures, suppliers and retail buyers,” Camisasca said. “All of the data and research shows that by and large, retailers like Las Vegas and will continue to attend Interbike in this market. Exhibitors want strong attendance, the lowest cost of doing business and a dynamite location for the OutDoor Demo. Las Vegas delivers exceptionally well in all of these critical areas, but we will continue to evaluate potential host cities as they develop.”



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