InnoVision Headwear, Inc., based in Toronto, and Boa Technology Inc., based in Steamboat Springs, Colo., have jointly developed a proprietary, patent pending, micro-adjustable headwear fitting system, Caps_Lock, enabling the wearer to instantly micro-adjust the fit of their headwear for varying activity and comfort levels.


In addition to the joint development and co-patent, InnoVision has a multi-year exclusive worldwide license to Boa’s technologies in headwear applications. InnoVision is now marketing the technology to  their private label headwear accounts across North America. Retailers could see product debut at the Outdoor Retailer show this summer for the 2009 spring and summer season.

Caps_Lock by InnoVision works by turning a Boa dial, which controls an adjustable headband that can be tightened or loosened as needed, creating closure and tension around heads of various sizes.  This mechanism also creates on-the-fly adjustments to varying environmental conditions such as wind and temperature, tightening the headband for a more secure fit in wind, or loosening it in hot weather to increase airflow. 

Through use of this new system, a single ball cap, visor, bucket, ivy cap or fedora, among other hat styles, can fit over 80 percent of the adult population with the same comfort level, resulting in fewer SKUs required at retail.
         “This is a very elegant system that really works to hold a hat firmly,” said InnoVision’s Cole.  “It has broad applications from extreme sports to driving a fishing boat or a convertible . Boa has led the way for this technology in footwear. Now it’s time to demonstrate its performance on top.”

Adds Boa’s Gary Hammerslag, “Thanks to InnoVision’s knowledge of  headwear, we’re introducing our precision fit system to entirely new markets that we’re hoping will embrace Boa as much as the footwear industry has over the past seven years.”

InnoVision’s relationship with Boa is the latest development in a line of innovative, functional headwear produced by the company.  Other proprietary designs from InnoVision include: Hooper, a collapsible fedora sun hat; Chalk-Lid, a hat made out of chalkboard-like fabric which the wearer can draw on; headwear featuring Insect Shield bug repellent technology; and headwear with recycled materials and color-changing fabric that responds to UV exposure.  By combining its portfolio of proprietary and licensed technologies with its full design services, InnoVision offers its private label customer a one-stop headwear solution.
Boa Technology has been manufacturing its adjustable dial and cable technology for over 10 years. Since 2001, the Boa system has been used by premium footwear brands on snowboard boots, athletic shoes, skates, cycling shoes, wakeboard boots, hunting boots and other high performance footwear.