On October 3, Marilyn Cieszykowski, partner of Gareth Martins, director of marketing at Osprey Packs, was seriously injured during a bicycle crash in the highlands of Ecuador. Friends of Gareth and Marilyn are asking for support for a longtime industry member, and friend, in need.

A remarkable coordinated effort was made to medical air evacuate Cieszykowski to Denver University Hospital to receive emergency care within 48 hours. She sustained several serious injuries in the crash, including brain injuries and fractures to two vertebrae and the skull. While many aspects of her prognosis cannot be fully predicted at this time, the overall outlook is for a strong, full recovery over time. Her progress can be followed at www.marilync.blogspot.com

The exorbitant costs of medical air evacuation from a foreign country were not covered by health insurance. Fundraising efforts, organized by Osprey and the local community, have already raised more than a tenth of the incurred debt. An additional event to be held on Nov. 17 will bring further relief. But there is a long a way to go with over $50,000 of outstanding debt remaining.

Anyone interested in making a tax-deductible contribution can send a check to:

Greater Dolores Action
In the memo write “Marilyn Fund”
PO Box 14
Dolores, CO 81323