Implus, the owner of Sof Sole and Yaktrax, said it continues to increase their consumer brand loyalty through their social media outreach programs. Since 2006, Implus has developed a viral campaign that has opened the door of communication between the brand and the consumer and generated more awareness for all Implus specialty brands.

Implus' social media programs began with an outreach to prospective bloggers in efforts to seed them with products and create positive chatter about Implus specialty brands Sof Sole and Yaktrax. Over the course of the years and as social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter became more popular, Implus brands have expanded their social media program from blog reviews to personalized sites where participants can enter contests, sponsorship programs and share their experiences online.

“Our social networking efforts have allowed us to interact easier with a growing fanbase and evolve our brands through grassroots efforts,” said Todd Vore, president of Implus. “We wanted to have the opportunity to receive feedback from the consumer and allow personal relationships to develop.”

Among recent initiatives, Sof Sole hosted a month long promotion through Facebook where joining fans were sent a complimentary pair of Sof Sole Coolmax Socks, resulting in 100% growth and consistent feedback from fans. With the recent sponsorship of the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series, Sof Sole offers 1-2 free registrations to fans per race. For Yaktrax, the Facebook page held a photo contest during the winter storms of February 2010 to see the ice traction devices in action, awarding selected winners with free pairs to get them through the snow and ice.

“It is refreshing to see a company that clearly stands behind their products and continues to grow in an organic way,” said Jacob Rosen, active blogger and social media enthusiast. “They're willing to get into conversations with their market of runners, hikers and other active people to spark personal communication between them.”

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