Implus Corporation said Hamish Ogilvie will join Implus-EU as director of outdoor sales in August. Ogilvie comes to Implus from Grangers, where he was the sales and marketing director. The decision to bring Ogilvie on board coincides with a sales reorganization throughout Europe.


Effective Aug. 1, the UK distribution of Sof Sole, Sneaker Balls and Highgear brands will be handled by Implus-EU. Grangers will oversee the distribution of Yaktrax, Little Hotties and Wintertrax through the fall and winter 2013-2014 season in order to ensure a smooth transition of all brands into Implus-EU next year.



“We would like to thank Grangers for the great job that they have done in establishing a strong foothold for all Implus brands,” said Seth Richards, CEO of Implus, “but with the recent growth of Implus-EU, we felt it was the right time to bring distribution of our brands in-house.”



The transition of brand management to Implus-EU allows the company to further expand its reach throughout Europe with a dedicated team that focuses on customer service and distribution.



Headquartered in North Carolina, Implus has evolved into an innovative manufacturer of foot care and outdoor accessory brands, including Sof Sole, Yaktrax, apara, Airplus, Sneaker Balls, Sof Comfort, Little Hotties, Highgear, ICEtrekkers and Perfect Fitness. From insoles, socks, and shoe care to navigational tools, fitness equipment and seasonal accessories, Implus proudly distributes in more than 75,000 retail outlets across North America and in 65 countries worldwide.