The IHEA-USA (International Hunter Education Association—USA) announced that Alex Baer has been promoted to executive director effective January 1, 2021.

Baer, formally COO of the IHEA-USA, replaces David Allen who has retired as the Executive Director of the organization. Baer brings extensive experience working in the U.S. outdoor industry and a strong passion for the IHEA-USA and its potential to promote, support and lead efforts to expand hunting and shooting activities in the U.S.

Baer’s future list of projects and programs for the IHEA-USA is extensive, expanding focus on hunting and firearms safety. Baer plans to build upon the National R3 plan, has already secured two grant-funded National Research Projects, and looks forward to leading hunter education activities, aggressively promoting hunting and shooting as a valuable activity and building better tools for instructors and students.

“This is an exciting time for our industry,” commented Baer. “Both the need to encourage new participants in hunting and the shooting sports and the industry’s ability to accept this challenge have never been greater. I see the education for tomorrow’s hunters and shooters continuing to expand into focused opportunities beyond a general education certificate. IHEA-USA will drive this evolution to uncover the interests and demographics of students and offer them relevant material to become safe, responsible, and knowledgeable participants.”

Before joining the IHEA-USA, Baer consulted on projects for private industry as well as the Council to Advance Hunting and the Shooting Sports as well as the National Wildlife Turkey Federation. Prior to that, Baer was the sales director at onXmaps contributing to its growth for five years while also acting as R3 Coordinator for onX where he built partner relationships with conservation NGOs, industry associations and state and wildlife organizations.

Photo courtesy International Hunter Education Association—USA