Hyperice announced the launch of its Hyperice Performance Advisors, a health advisory board of industry experts. Hyperice App users will be able to leverage the expertise, research and education of each advisor.

The experts will specialize in new categories residing in the app: Mindset, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, and Sports Medicine.

“We’re redefining what wellness and healthcare are in a world more aware of the importance of self-care and looking for easy access to expert insights and research,” said Jim Huether, CEO of Hyperice. “The Hyperice Performance Advisors will help us get closer to our goal of being another preventative measure to optimize wellness.”

The Hyperice Performance Advisors featured at launch that will join founding advisors, Dr. Micheal Clark, Founder of NASM and Fusionetics, and Lenny Paracino, Soft Tissue Therapist of the National Basketball Association’s LA Clippers and Faculty Member of Gray Institute, include:

  • Dr. Michael Gervais, Mindset Advisor
  • Dr. Jordan Metzl, Healthcare Advisor; Sports Medicine
  • Harley Pasternak, Global Wellness Advisor; Nutrition
  • Vinh Pham, Futureproof Advisor
  • Dr. Kelly Starrett, Athlete Performance Advisor; Physical Therapy

Photo courtesy Hyperice