Finding a performance sports bra that will take you from low to high impact workouts and provide sustained support through all of the movements is a tall order to ask from one bra. But the design team at Nike found the solution.

This week Nike introduced the Motion Adapt Bra which the design team has proven to provide the ultimate support for female athletes and runners as they transition through their workouts.


Awomen’s needs during a workout are as different as women are from men. We need a bra that can take us from a yoga class to running. And that’s a hard requirement to meet. The Motion Adapt Bra works for you in every workout adjusting to support all phases of your training.

When you look at it, it’s really basic for a sports bra. No glitz. No glamour. But … it’s what’s inside that counts.

The interior construction features a foam/polymer hybrid material that stretches at rest to form to your body and locks out when it senses impact to mold with you as you move through your workout. And as movement increases, so does the level of support locking you down and in place. When you transition back to a lower level of intensity, the material relaxes similar to the way a seatbelt reacts.

The designers kept the high-support material just across the chest where it’s needed most and added a mesh panel up the racerback and perforations in the front in the key sweat zones for ventilation and breathability. For more information go

Photos courtesy Nike