Hydro-Photon, Inc., maker of the handheld SteriPEN ultraviolet (UV) water purifiers, will begin direct operations in key European countries under the name SteriPEN Europe beginning April 2011.  The company’s presence will focus on promoting Hydro-Photon’s SteriPEN brand while making the SteriPEN line of UV water purifiers more easily available through select retailers.

Initially, the focus of SteriPEN Europe will be on serving the French and German markets. Doug Gourley, Sr. VP International, explained, “With this direct presence, we’re positioned to provide localized service and expand our vertical markets to serve business and leisure travelers, outdoor and adventure enthusiasts, home and infant health care and emergency service providers.”

Hydro-Photon will continue to work with distribution partners in select countries as they expand their direct presence throughout Europe in the near-to-mid term.   SteriPEN Europe is uniquely situated to foster Hydro-Photon’s hallmark product value, sales support, marketing, in-store training, merchandising and product delivery to both existing and new customers in these key geographies.

“We look forward to making our portable SteriPEN UV water purifiers and subsequently safe drinking water available to anyone and everyone who travels, works or plays in environments with risky water quality,” said Gourley.  SteriPEN’s germicidal UV light destroys waterborne bacteria, viruses, and protozoa such as giardia and cryptosporidium.

Headquartered in Blue Hill, Maine, USA, Hydro-Photon, Inc.'s SteriPEN product line includes the SteriPEN Classic, Sidewinder, Traveler, JourneyLCD and AdventurerOpti.