Hot Chillys hired three new regional sales representative agencies into the Northwest, Midwest and Upstate NY / Western Pa. retail sales markets.

Upstate NY & Western PA

Don Marsh & Associates is overseeing the Upstate NY and Western Pa. territory for Hot Chillys, which includes Westchester County, Upstate NY, and Western Pa. Don Marsh & Associates, after years of growth, took on Mark Stoll as a business partner in the 90's. Don and Mark Stoll currently represent Scott-USA, Outdoor Gear and Black Diamond Sportswear. Don represented Hot Chillys in its early years and is looking forward to the second time around.

Pacific Northwest

Larry Gullickson, of G Force Inc., is overseeing the Northwest territory, which includes Wash., Ore., Alaska and northern Idaho. G Force Inc. is a professional sales agency that has an exceptional long-term relationship with all major NW accounts, including: REI, Joe’s Sports, Bob Wards, Sturtevants and more than 150 Wintersport and Outdoor retailers. Larry and the G Force Inc. team bring expertise and a long line of successful relationships with retailers in the area, bringing fresh energy into the territory for Hot Chillys.


Jim Baker of JB Sports, Inc, is overseeing the Midwest area, which includes Minn., Iowa, Wis., Ill., Neb., N.D., S.D., Kansas, Mo. and upper Mich. JB Sports was established in 1999 by a group of well-seasoned sales professionals, including Jim Baker, Toory Moore and Dean Courser. With a history of innovative approaches to sales in the wintersports industry, Baker identified new market opportunities for wintersport apparel and gear with the hunting, fishing and farm and fleet stores, opening up a whole new world of customers for the companies they represent. Their experience and innovative approach promises to open new retail avenues for Hot Chillys.