, the online specialty retailer of hockey training and skill-building products worldwide, has partnered with the FlipGive Fundraising digital platform to launch a hockey grant for underserved youth called, Get In The Game. The new initiative is designed to provide under-resourced youth with financial support to play hockey.

The Get In The Game Hockey Grant will extend $5,000 in funding and will be awarded as two team Grants of $1000 each and six individual Grants of $500 each.  The grants will cover hockey equipment and hockey league registration fees.

The grant was created as a response to many kids being left out of the sport due to the high price of equipment and registration.

While overall participation in Hockey is gradually growing in Canada & the U.S., participation among children from lower income families is declining dramatically, according to HockeyShot.

According to a recent report, the two major barriers to participation in sport are enrollment fees (61 percent) and equipment costs (52 percent). Nine in 10 of those surveyed believe sports participation is becoming too expensive and a vast majority (82 percent) say they know a child who cannot participate in organized sport due to the hefty price tag.

“This new Hockey Grant is an extension of our business’ commitment to supporting youth athletes,” said FlipGive CEO, Mark Bachman. “With hockey ranked as one of the most expensive sports to play, this grant will help provide much needed support for a group of under-resourced children”.

“Hockey shaped who I am,” added J-P Brun, president and co-founder, “The team experience fostered the importance of building trust, responsibility and sportsmanship – important lessons I’ve carried into my career…It’s important to me that we broaden the exposure of this great sport, and these life lessons to those who might not otherwise have a chance to play”.

Players and Teams in need of financial support can apply for the Get In The Game Hockey Grant from August 15, 2016 to September 16, 2016 via the companies’ websites and Applicants must reside in North American and be between the ages of 4-18 years. Grant winners will be announced by September 30, 2016.