Hi-Tec announced its SS06 re-launch into the trail running market with a strong offering of innovative, top-quality footwear. Featuring 4:SYS technology and incorporating quality materials such as Vibram outsoles, ScotchgardTM fast-dry uppers and Comfort-Tec insoles, Hi-Tec’s Trail Running Collection is ready to race its toughest competitors.


Hi-Tec has a heritage as a running brand and an adventure racing brand. In the 1980s, in major road races like the London Marathon, up to 20% of runners were wearing Hi-Tec running shoes. “Running Fitness Magazine” recently featured the legendary Silver Shadow as one of the 10 most influential running shoes of all time. In the 1990s, the Hi-Tec Adventure Race helped spearhead the popularity of the trail running category.


As a logical category extension for Hi-Tec, the Trail Running Collection is backed by a long-term global commitment. The implementation of Hi-Tec’s East Coast design center and international design team has enabled Hi-Tec to bring trail running footwear to the market once again, utilizing advanced technologies such as 4:SYS and building upon a strong partnership with Vibram. Participation in the trail running category will further legitimize Hi-Tec as an outdoor brand and move the brand beyond the “boot” category.

4:SYS Technology

Hi-Tec’s exclusive trail running technology, 4:SYS, is designed to facilitate the areas of the foot that are affected during the gait cycle:

  1. Heel – A high pressure zone occurs as the heel strikes the ground requiring low-density cushioning;
  2. Arch – Dense cushioning material is needed in order for the foot to provide a stable platform for body weight to transfer;
  3. Forefoot – As the heel lifts, a combination of cushioning and energy return materials are used to help initiate propulsion;
  4. Toe – Energy return material assists the big toe as it provides a final high-energy push forward.

4:SYS achieves total gait control via the configuration of eight different densities of EVA into the midsole. No other footwear company utilizes this configuration of densities, ensuring Hi-Tec’s trail runners the most precise and complex response.

Biomechanical Research

In order to ensure that our trail running shoes were developed based on the latest technical footwear research and analysis, Hi-Tec footwear engineers worked with the non-profit SATRA Technology Center, the world's leading footwear research and technology institution.

In a controlled research laboratory, 30 runners with varying running styles and biomechanics were studied using an F-Scan sensor, which measures the pressure of the running gait cycle in real-time. Red areas of the resulting footscan graphics indicate high-pressure zones, while blue areas illustrate where pressure is alleviated. Based on the tester’s resulting strike conditions, an average pressure map was determined.

This map was then translated into an eight-density midsole configuration, which corresponds with the various pressure zones.

The toe-off, or “propulsion zone”, is red because it bears a lot of pressure on a very small surface area. Other brands have disregarded the unique demand of the toe-off zone, merely grouping it in with the forefoot zone.

Product Features

Fast Dry Uppers

Water is no foe in these shoes. All meshes and synthetics are treated with ScotchgardTM to repel water, and non-absorbent foams in the upper ensure fast drying from the core. So even after the wettest trail run, your shoes will be good to go again the next day.

Comfort-Tec Insole Technology

Comfort Tec features a moisture-wicking, contoured EVA footbed to cradle and support your foot, while CT Plus adds an odor-fighting Poliyou® mid layer. CT Custom incorporates viscoelastic memory foam for individualized fit and cushioning.

Vibram Outsoles

Due to its strong heritage in the outdoor market, Vibram® delivers instant credibility to Hi-Tec’s quality footwear. Hi-Tec’s exclusive Vibram Horsepower outsole was inspired by a horse’s hoof to perform at racing speeds and deliver resilient traction. Individual horseshoes positioned in a multi-directional outsole pattern bite into the trail.

Terrain Protection

A torsional plate in the forefoot protects the foot from stone bruising as you pound over rough terrain.

SS06 Product Lineup

Magma Run is built upon the 4:SYS Support midsole/outsole unit, and is therefore suited for high mileage runners who require additional support due to mild to moderate over pronation. Lava Run features the 4:SYS Cushion midsole/outsole unit, making it ideal for high mileage runners with a neutral or mild over pronation style.

Caldera Run features foot cage construction and dual-density EVA. It is best suited for mid mileage runners who require additional support due to mild to moderate over pronation. The entry-level offering features both a men’s- and women’s-specific design: men’s Crater Run and women’s Cinder Run. These styles incorporate single-density EVA and are suited for entry-level trail runners.