Hest, a designer of outdoor sleep products, introduced a Down Comforter in its collection that pairs with the brands mattresses or works on its own. 

The comforter comes in single and double sizes, with hydrophobic down insulation made with a 40D polyester fabric coated with a PFC-free finish. Other features include a cinch and tuck footbox, top sheet loops, a tote storage bag, and a compression sack for storage. 

“We’ve been working on this idea since we launched the original Sleep System in 2019, which offered new benefits to the outdoors with unparalleled temperature regulation, pressure point relief, and insulation from the ground. We knew we needed something better than a sleeping bag to complement and maximize our mattress’s benefits. The Hest Comforter was designed to do just that: provide unmatched comfort, warmth, and portability for a more comfortable sleep experience,” said Hedst Founder & CEO Aaron Ambuske.  

Hest also reported that it will launch into outdoor bedding for spring 2024 with fitted sheets and pillowcases. The company introduced top sheets with the comforter launch to jumpstart the intro. The top sheet’s stretch fabric integrates with the down comforter.

Photo courtesy Hest