Helinox, the designer of portable chairs, tables, cots and accessories for the outdoors, on Tuesday announced progress on its ongoing campaign to increase awareness and prevent infringement of its patents and other intellectual property rights.

The unique and proprietary structure of Helinox’s collapsible chairs, tables, cots and accessories have been recognized by the granting of patents and industrial design registrations, as well as many industry awards.

Flagship products include Helinox’s award-winning Chair One line of portable chairs, which are protected by U.S. Patent No. 8,454,084, counterpart patents in Korea and China, and industrial design registrations. Detailed information about Helinox’s patent and design rights may be found at helinox.com/patents.

Working with law firms in the U.S., Korea, and elsewhere around the world, Helinox already has removed numerous brands of infringing chairs from the market, with additional enforcement efforts ongoing and with more planned.

“Enforcing Helinox’s intellectual property is a necessary step to maintaining Helinox’s position as the leader in quality and innovation in outdoor furniture,” said Young Lah, CEO of the global Helinox brand.