Headwear manufacturer Buff will change its name from Original Buff, SA USA to Buff, Inc. to become a subsidiary of Original Buff, SA Spain, effective May 1. Additionally, former US general manager Shirley Choi Brunetti’s position will adjust to vice president and general manager of Buff, Inc.’s U.S. operation.

“Currently, we have been operating as a foreign branch of Spain since 2003 and now Buff, Inc. will be handling all U.S. sales. It has been confusing that two companies were handling Buff and now that we have simplified our business, we have the ability to focus our attention in building the brand and acting as one voice to consumers and dealers, ” explains Shirley Choi Brunetti, vice president and general manager.

Buff’s success in the U.S. market in 2008 paved the way by growing 50% in sales. Further changes and plans for growth include upcoming hires for a U.S. sales manager, marketing coordinator and assistant, as well as a bookkeeper.