Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk has acquired all interest in the Birdhouse Skateboards brand from Blitz Distribution, Inc. after an agreement with business partner of 15 years Per Welinder, a former professional skateboarder with Powell Skateboards.

Hawk and Welinder formed the brand together in 1992 when Hawk was experiencing difficult financial times in the wake of America’s apparent loss of interest in skateboarding. For several years the skateboarding drought continued and Birdhouse made little profit until the mid-1990s when the sport became “cool” again and Birdhouse quickly became one of the largest skateboarding companies in the world.

Tony Hawk will initiate integrating Birdhouse into his overall activities and his business, Tony Hawk, Inc., which includes skating DVDs, videogames, licensed Hawk brand merchandise at Kohl’s and more. Full ownership will also give Hawk increased oversight and involvement with the Birdhouse team riders.

Pro Birdhouse riders include Shaun White, Steve Nesser and Hawk himself, and amateur riders include Hawk’s son, Riley.

The asset purchase will allow Per Welinder to continue his passion of incubating core brands. Blitz distributes the Birdhouse, Baker, Flip, Fury, Sk8Mafia and Hook-Ups brands.