Naturally Advanced Technologies Inc. (NAT) said it received a
purchase order from Hanesbrands Inc. to deliver approximately 10,000
lbs of Crailar organic fiber in the first quarter of 2010.

“This first purchase order supplies Crailar fiber in a full-scale
trial using our proposed manufacturing equipment supplier in Germany in
January 2010. Thereafter, we will conduct another full scale blending
trial on commercial scale spinning equipment at a Hanesbrands
facility,” stated Ken Barker, CEO of NAT. “After the trial is
completed, the next phase in product development would be to conduct
consumer testing. With positive results from these tests, we will begin
finalizing commercialization plans to bring Crailar products to market.”

NAT claims CRAILAR Organic Fibers are the building blocks for the
first truly sustainable yarn in the apparel industry. Organic Fibers
are processed through a patented enzymatic bath created in
collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada. Prior to
the bath, the fibers of up to a meter in length are cut to the desired
staple length rivaling the very best long line cotton. These fibers
then enter specialized processing equipment, which turns the straw-like
fibers into soft, white fibers similar to organic cotton.

The expected result is a yarn with the same warmth and feel of
organic cotton, but with characteristics, such as tensile strength,
that organic cotton simply can never achieve. As every step of the
process can be certified organic, CRAILAR Organic Fibers become the
first truly sustainable yarn in the apparel industry.