Forty-nine percent of golf courses in the U.S. were open for play last week with more expected to resume play in the coming weeks, according to the National Golf Foundation’s most recent COVID-19 survey.

“This figure has risen slightly over the past weeks and we expect it to continue to do so as warmer weather creeps further north, Wisconsin allows walking-only play, some private clubs re-open to members in New York, and golf operations resume in a few California counties,” NGF President Joe Beditz said in a Friday email about the results.

Here’s a quick rundown of other new information available on NGF’s COVID-19 impacts page:

  • One seven-state region had the biggest jump in facility openings – to 77 percent open overall.
  • Online searches for open golf courses have spiked again.
  • Find out which facility type (municipal, daily fee or private) had the most notable increase in openings.
  • Opposition among core golfers to government-mandated closures is growing. See which demographic is changing their tune the most.
  • Been practicing at home the last month? You’re not alone. Learn what core golfers have been doing.
  • Find out how significantly the COVID-19 crisis is increasing the “itch” to play golf.
  • Read about why playing golf during the pandemic is a matter of debate.

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