Gregory Mountain Products launched a version of its web site this week tailored for the Chinese market with text in simplified Chinese.

With the support of CORA, the China Outdoor Retail Association, the Chinese-specific site marks the third effort in a series of market-specific sites located on the home page of Since redesigning its web site roughly a year ago, Gregory also added a French version of its site, and it also incorporated the Japanese-specific site, which has operated for many years, into the site architecture.

All of the Gregory web sites, including the North American site, are available at, where visitors then have the option to choose their site tailored by market and language.

As Gregory continues to grow in markets where it has long had a loyal following and grow in new international markets, this web site architecture allows us to offer a globally unified message about the Gregory brand housed at one portal but tailored by market and language, said Dion Goldsworthy, Director of Export Sales for Gregory. With this addition of the Chinese version of the site, were excited to be able to speak more directly to Gregory brand enthusiasts in China.

“The Gregory Chinese site is a product of close collaboration between CORA and Gregory during the past nine months. It provides an important channel through which we can communicate to our member dealers, customers and other friends of Gregory.” said Roger Zeng, President of CORA, “Having the site content in Chinese is important because it allows our messages to reach the widest possible audience. Our Gregory business has been growing at over 50 percent for the past few years and I think the Chinese site will play a key role in helping us continue that growth.”

Gregory Mountain Products plans to continue its international initiatives this year with the creation of a Traditional Chinese site, as well as a Korean, German, Canadian and French Canadian sites.