In this season of business collaboration, Grassroots Outdoor Alliance has launched Connect Hub to bring vendor brands and specialty retailers together for the Spring ’21 buying cycle.

Grassroots Outdoor Alliance (GOA), a national trade association with 81 retail members comprising 182 storefronts nationwide, is working to strengthen the independent specialty outdoor retail channel. However, for the Connect Hub site, GOA is opening the user experience to approved retailers and qualified brands from outside its traditional membership.

“For the independent specialty retailer community, open accessibility for the greatest possible number of vendors and retailers is of utmost importance for the Spring ’21 buying cycle. To acknowledge that reality, we created a tool that would support both our members and our industry at whatever level they are able to come to the table, and whenever it works best for them,” said Gabe Maier, VP, Grassroots Outdoor Alliance.

Connect Hub will support qualified vendor brands of all levels by hosting essential sales tools and best practices in a single, structured application including available categories, an overview of a member’s sell-in process, key deadlines, product and brand images, workbooks, price lists, MAP policies, order forms, and links to B2B sales platforms where available.

All company materials, other than basic contact information, are password protected and accessible only by verified specialty retailers. Connect Hub opened for vendor application on June 2.  GOA anticipates welcoming approved retailers to use the site later this month.

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