Gramicci has added new sales representation in four U.S. regions to market its NPT – Natural/Organic Performance Technology outdoor clothing.

“We are fiercely committed to doing less harm to the environment in every facet of our business including the manufacturing process,” said Marty Weening, president of Gramicci. “Our focus is now on providing our customer the newest developments in organic and recycled performance apparel. Built into these organic and recycled clothes are performance qualities that perform as well or better than most synthetics. These new people selling this innovative product realize this is the future in outdoor apparel and the growing naturalist movement. They are the evangelists of the growing eco consumer consciousness. We are grateful they are on board”

Gramicci continues to adopt new standards of manufacturing that substantially reduce the use in water and energy. It is using low impact dyes that have considerably less environmental impact. All of the company’s organic products have received full certification from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), OE Blended (Organic Exchange for blended fabrics) and OE 100 (Organic Exchange for all organic fabrics). Gramicci is also a fair labor manufacturer assuring fair wages, clean work environments and zero-tolerance child labor policies.

“The caliber of our sales organization is a direct reflection of the strength of our brand, our products, and our continued commitment to protecting the environment,” says US director of sales Patricia Babka. “With our strong forward momentum and design direction, we are introducing Gramicci to a new generation of young naturalists. We are proud to have such a well-respected and talented sales force standing behind our product.”

Each of the new distributors brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the Gramicci sales force. They chose Gramicci for its dedication to produce the finest in authentic, organic outdoor gear – and, of course, Gramicci’s continued sales growth.

“It’s a classic brand, of course, but what really attracted us is the explosive growth their organic performance products have seen recently,” says Jeff Burkley, who will be selling Gramicci into the Rocky Mountain region. “In today’s environment we’re excited about a brand that offers enormous sales opportunities.”

West Coast (CA, NV, AZ, HI):

Gramicci has expanded the West Coast territories with two groups; Rudd Knutzen and Lavone Knutzen in Sourthern California, Hawaii, Southern Nevada and Arizona representing: Volkl Performance Wear, Marker LTD, SportHill, Skins. Rudd and Lavone come with 30 years of relationships in the snow and outdoor markets. Knutzen will work with Sports Gear West's Tom Dougherty to cover Northern and Southern California, NV and AZ. Dougherty represents: Skins, Canada Goose, Swiftwick Socks, Halo Headbands, and Sharkies.

Rocky Mountains (CO, UT, WY, NM, NE, KS):
Jeff and Ariana Burkley have over 18 years experience selling outdoor and winter sport hard goods and apparel lines. They see Gramicci’s as a high energy, next generation brand that speaks to the importance of sustainable, eco-friendly products. Their lines include: Scott USA, Spyder, and Rusty.

Southeast (MS, AL, GA, FL, TN, NC, SC, LA):
Ben Phillips and Joe Albarelli are the most recent additions to the Gramicci sale force. The have strong roots in both outdoor and winter sport lines. “We plan to grow sales and awareness of Gramicci by getting it into strong retailers that share our passion and love for the outdoors and community,” Philips says.

Mid-Atlantic: (NY, NJ, DW, DC, MD, VA):
Jim Tatko and Chris Law of Metro Mountain Sports Group, LLC have over thirty years of combined experience working as reps in the outdoor and ski industry. “We are excited about the opportunity to ignite and grow this iconic quality brand with our dealer base.” Tatko says. Their lines include: Salomon Alpine and Nordic, Suunto, FlyLow Gear, and LifeFactory.