GoPro  plans to raise $100 million in a secondary offering that will raise about $700 million for its current shareholders, including about $315 million for a trust controlled by founder Nicholas Woodman and his wife Jill Woodman.

The sums assume the stock will sell for $78.12 a share or about two-and-a-half times the company’s June 26 IPO price.
The trust will retain a 44.1 percent stake in GoPro after the offering. The trust’s share were exempted from a lock-up agreement that prohibits GoPro insiders from selling their stock until Dec. 23, 2014, when an additional 15.3 million insider shares will become eligible for sales in the public markets. Another 76.1 million insider shares will be released from the lock up Feb. 17, 2015.

The latest registration with the Securities & Exchange Commission shows GoPro plans to sell 1.29 million shares of Class A common stock alongside 9.02 million that will be offered by its existing shareholders. Underwriters have options to acquire another 1.55 million shares. The sale triggers a new lock  up agreement for insiders that

RW Camera Holdings LLC, managed by Riverwood Capital LP, is offering 1.63 million, or about 10 percent of its shares while  Foxteq Holdings , run by the electronics manufacturer Foxconn, is offering 1 million of its 10.66 million shares.

GoPro shares closed Monday at $81.50 a share, up $2.35, or almost 3 percent.