Good Vibrations Shoes Inc. announced a ten for one reverse split, which was approved by FINRA. The change in share structure marks the completion of the goals the company set for itself in 2014, which it views as its organizational year, making 2015 its “break-out” year according to management. The company would like to take this opportunity to explain its business plan, and show how the next year will mark the beginning of real growth for Good Vibrations Shoes Inc.


Good Vibrations Shoes Inc. contracted with a shoe manufacturer in Canton, China. This company was chosen because of its exceptional quality of manufacture to accommodate our company's unique needs. The Company contracted with an electric motor manufacturer that specialized in small sized electronics. Their ability to work within our time schedules was a major consideration. The Company has retained the services of Eastern Asia Group HK to carry out inspections on production and raw materials used in the shoes.

The Product:

Good Vibrations Shoes are first to market, high quality vibrating shoes. The shoes are internationally patent pending, high frequency vibration shoes in men and women's, full and half sizes with wide widths in the larger sizes. Good Vibrations Shoes are made from high quality Texas raised hides or quality nylon mesh trimmed in fine leather. The vibration unit is the result of 10 years of development and refinement. The vibration pattern changes in intervals automatically and the units are started and stopped by remote control. The internal power is rechargeable and a USB recharger is included; the shoes may be recharged via wall outlet or from your computer. The units are internal to the sole of the shoes and are crush, water and slip resistant. Most shoes close around the foot by lace, buckle or Velcro closure. There is a casual slip on style for men and women.


Shoes are shipped from the port of Hong Kong, received and trucked to our facility. The Company warehouses and distributes Good Vibrations Shoes from a 10,000 square foot facility. For small quantities and retail, the company contracts with UPS.


Good Vibrations has divided its sales operation into three venues: 1) wholesale to distribution for the professionals, major catalog sales and television shopping networks; 2) government contractors and 3) retail sales primarily from the company's web-store at This retail business is driven by TV commercials, organizational magazines such as AARP and Diabetic Living.

Good Vibrations Shoes has written two, 30 second commercial scripts for television to air in the 7 counties surrounding Orlando, FL. Orlando was chosen as the segue because of its international exposure.

Professional sales are driven by the scientific application of Good Vibration Shoes. The company has completed its application to CMS, to be approved for Medicare reimbursement of shoes under the Therapeutic Shoe Bill of 1993. In brief, the Bill allows Medicare aged people with Diabetes who are at risk of foot complications to have a pair of compliant shoes per year.  There are 25 million diabetic people in the U.S. and Good Vibrations Shoes are compliant.


There does exist science to support the use of vibrations applied to the feet. Articles are easily obtained on-line. Good Vibrations Shoes Inc. is devoted to the advancement of this science and has two research projects written in proposal format.  The first of these projects further explores balance performance before and after the application of vibration. The second project sets out to demonstrate the improvement in circulation to the musculature of the feet with vibration.


Good Vibrations Shoes Inc. intends to be the market leader for shoes with a purpose exceeding foot covering and style. The company desires to be a household name, branded and recognizable by any one of its trade logos and monikers: we are the definition of footwear ingenuity.