GoLite, the of lightweight outdoor equipment and apparel, reported sales surged 93% in the first quarter. The Boulder, CO-based company said the results stem from strong increases in each of the company's three
key regions: the Americas, Europe and Asia, in both sales per existing
door, as well as new accounts.

“As a privately owned business, GoLite guards its financial information closely,” said Demetri Coupounas, co-founder and president. “But with so much negative economic news, we thought our results were too good not to share.”

“Outstanding product is certainly the key driver of our success. Over the last two years we've made a significant investment in product which is now coming to market. Dealers that have not carried GoLite before are now jumping on-board. And those who have cherry picked key products from our line historically are now purchasing more broadly across multiple categories,” continued Coupounas.

GoLite said its apparel has been completely revamped with emphasis placed not only on unique technical advantages, but also style, fit and color. In addition, GoLite's design philosophy of focusing “on only what's needed and nothing more is resonating strongly with consumers who are facing an increasingly complex world.”