With baseball season in full swing, Easton Sports launched EastonBaseball.com/Truth, a micro-site dedicated to the initial launch of the manufacturer’s 2009-2010 product line-up. The site includes a first look at the technology behind Easton's new Stealth Speed composite bats and SV12 composite/aluminum bats, plus complete product details on Easton’s latest gloves, batting gloves and apparel.

The micro-site includes an enter-to-win sweepstakes, which will include weekly bat giveaways slated to run March 17 to June 2.

“You won't find another bat manufacturer willing to be this transparent,” said Kyle Horn, vice president of marketing for Easton. “True to the micro-site’s name, ‘The Truth’ is there is a difference in how bats are manufactured and how they perform. 'The Truth' highlights this difference – the difference is Easton. It doesn’t take a product developer to see that there’s real science behind Easton's bats – science that's proven to make a difference for players at every level.”

Easton notes that in 2008, Easton helped Fresno State win the College World Series and Hawaii win the Little League World Series, plus outfitted American League Most Valuable Player Dustin Pedroia head-to-toe. Fresno State became the 20th champion in the last 29 years to win The College World Series swinging Easton baseball bats exclusively.