On Dec. 18, 2003, pending completion of an investigation into possible violations of his employment contract and fiduciary duties, Donald A. Anderson tendered his resignation as a member of the Board of Directors of GolfGear International Inc. The following day, Anderson tendered his resignation as Chief Executive Officer of GolfGear International Inc. and its subsidiaries. Anderson has been on suspension since Nov. 8, 2003.

Anderson's job responsibilities have been assumed by John Pierandozzi, Chief Operating Officer and President. The Board of Directors is confident that Pierandozzi will provide the company with exceptional leadership. Through April 2002, Pierandozzi was President and Chief Executive Officer of Carbite Golf, nationally recognized manufacturer of putters and wedges. There he redirected the company from an emphasis on broad-based telemarketing that was dramatically unprofitable into a company that was focused on the core product line of putters and wedges and returned the company to profitability.

During his more than 20 years of experience in golf and golf-related industries, Pierandozzi was a consultant to Adams Golf; a principal in Applied Golf Technologies; an owner of a Nevada Bob's franchise; and a consultant to Los Angeles County on County-run golf facilities. He began his business career as executive vice president of Pacific Malibu Development, the original developer of the Lake Las Vegas project in Nevada. There he was involved in the land and business planning, including the development and layout of seven golf courses.