Golf rounds played jumped 37.3 percent for the month of December and grew 13.9 percent in total for 2020, according to Golf Datatech.

By region, for December, the highest growth was seen in New England, ahead 101.1 percent followed by West North Central, 84.6 percent; Mid-Atlantic, 66.6 percent; Pacific, 53.9 percent; South Central, 33.5 percent; Mountain, 30.2 percent; South Atlantic, 26.9 percent; and East North Central, up 16.8 percent.

Golf rounds played have recovered strongly following the reopening of golf courses across the country starting in May. According to Golf Datatech, golf rounds played grew 6.2 percent in May; 13.9 percent in June; 19.7 percent in July; 20.6 percent in August; 25.5 percent in September; 32.2 percent in October; and 56.6 percent in November.