Golf Datatech’s National Rounds Played Report for April shows that U.S. rounds played were down 12.9 percent for the month and off 9.8 percent year-to-date, year-over-year.

By region for the month, West North Central had the steepest decline of 34.5 percent, followed by East North Central, 33.4 percent; Mid-Atlantic, 15.6 percent; Pacific, 12.2 percent; Mountain, 6.0 percent; and South Atlantic, 3.7 percent.

The two growth regions were New England, with a 4.2 percent increase in rounds played and South Central, 1.0 percent.

U.S. rounds played declined 14.3 percent in March, rose 13 percent in February and declined 12.2 percent in January. Before February, play at the nation’s golf courses had fallen since last June as the industry faced tough comparisons against pandemic-related surges in the year-ago period.