GoBoat, the manufacturer of personal adventure watercraft, launched its latest product, the GoBoat Fish, a personal inflatable disk boat aimed to “revolutionize the way fishing and adventure enthusiasts experience their aquatic adventures.”

Of GoBoat’s four available models, the Fish is optimized for the outdoorsman. It includes multiple mounts for fishing accessories, including rods and fish finders, allowing fishermen access to more fishing holes in shallow water. “Duck hunters can collect their harvest without using dogs, and big game hunters can access new territory to stage hunts and haul out their harvest on the water.”

No more waiting in lines at the boat launch
GoBoat can be inflated from a trunk or truck bed and launched from any beach, cove or park and is a more affordable option.

Features include:

  • A camo pattern as well as multiple pad mounts to accommodate accessories;
  • 5-speed motor maintains a 5 mph cruising speed with the ability to go forward and reverse;
  • quick maneuverability and shallow depth;
  • GoBoat’s Armorlite material, virtually impenetrable when de-inflated, can fit into a compact bag, small enough to fit in the trunk or a closet;
  • includes a travel bag with wheels, a pump, one battery, a charger, a motor, a repair kit, a prop guard, and a hole cover.

“We are excited to bring the Fish to the market. It represents a culmination of our commitment to quality, innovation and delivering an unbeatable experience to our community of outdoor and fishing enthusiasts,” said Kiera Johnson, CEO at GoBoat.

Images courtesy GoBoat