Elite Sportswear, a leading specialty cheer and gymnastics apparel company, partnered with Cheer Derby, the independently-owned cheer and dance competition event company.

The partnership showcases the best in class combination of what GK Cheer, Under Armour Sideline and Cheer Derby have to offer.

“Our announcement with Elite changes the game in the cheer and dance industry, as we are going to continue to bring the best event experience to coaches, athletes and spectators,” said Brian and Melanie Shirley, owners of Cheer Derby. “With this strategic partnership, we will establish events in new markets, creating competitions like no other.”

A showcase of new designs and an exclusive Cheer Derby uniform will be debuted this fall by Elite and will continue into the 2017-18 season.

“Our goals are aligned! Experience in the cheer and apparel industry, rooted in the common purpose of providing superior quality products to enhance the cheer community,” states Matt Cowan, chief marketing officer for Elite Sportswear. “We collectively want to continue to create an experience that supports the cheer community in a positive and impactful way.”

Elite Sportswear is the combination of the worlds’ leading sports specialty apparel brands including GK Gymnastics, GK Cheer, UA Gymnastics, UA Sideline Cheer, Omni Cheer and Dolfin Swimwear.