Gildan Activewear has been reinstated by the Fair Labor
Association (FLA) as a Participating Company in good standing. The resolution was approved unanimously by the Board of the FLA. This decision reflects Gildan’s commitment to fully comply with the FLA Workplace Code of
Conduct and its actions to meet the six conditions for reinstatement set out by the FLA Board in its October 26, 2004 resolution.

“In addition to achieving our financial goals which we have set for our
shareholders, we are equally committed to being a leader in corporate
citizenship,” stated Glenn J. Chamandy, President and Chief Executive Officer.

“Gildan is committed to having modern, well-equipped facilities in all its
manufacturing hubs and to being progressive in its hiring and employment
practices. While there is always opportunity for further improvement, we are
proud of the way we manage our facilities and contribute to local communities.
By following best practices and regularly monitoring the compliance of our
plants with the Gildan and FLA codes of conduct, our goal is to achieve the
same type of recognition of our performance in corporate social responsibility
that we have gained for our operating and financial success”.

Gildan added that, as part of its normal annual incremental expansion of
sewing capacity included in its projected fiscal 2005 capital investment
program, it intended to start a new sewing plant in Honduras configured for
efficient production of basic t-shirts. In hiring for this plant, the Company
will attempt in good faith and where practical to preferentially reintegrate
workers from its El Progreso sewing facility which was closed in September
2004 for economic reasons. Re-hiring of El Progreso workers will be subject to
the Company’s normal hiring and employment practices.