GearTribe, an group buying site that claims to be dedicated to helping independent outdoor specialty retailers compete with private sale sites, said it will launch in  Hood River and Bend, OR; Seattle and Summit County, Colorado on Aug. 29.

GearTribe serves the full spectrum of outdoor-focused lifestyle interests, offering collaborative promotions on outdoor products, adventures, and après recreation services. GearTribe also provides a powerful sales and marketing platform for outdoor merchants to extend their reach toward qualified new customers, locally and nationally.

“GearTribe is a totally new experience for consumers and retailers,” said Gale Evans, VP of marketing for GearTribe. “It is our intent to deliver promotions to our customers that are compelling and relevant – not clutter their inbox with items they don’t care about. Because we work with local retailers, people are able to buy locally, connect locally, and support their local community as they enjoy great values.”

On the merchant side, GearTribe is working with both manufacturers and retailers. “Specialty retailers have been the cornerstone of the outdoor industry for decades, and they are suffering,” continues Evans. “Many do not have the web-based capabilities and resources of larger companies, and cannot compete against ‘closeout’ type product sites. GearTribe offers them a flexible, risk-free advertising tool to immediately harness the power of the web and social media for their business.” 

On August 29th, GearTribe customers will have access to “Local Deals” in each of their launch territories.  In September, GearTribe will launch “Anywhere Deals,” featuring online product promotions for subscribers nationwide that can be shipped directly to wherever you live or play. And in coming weeks and months, more local territories will come online, including Denver/Front Range, Salt Lake City, Portland, as well as locations in Montana, Idaho and California. 

GearTribe was founded by a group of outdoor enthusiasts with a shared passion for the outdoors and the desire to build long-term, sustainable partnerships with like-minded merchants and consumers nationally.

Giving back to the outdoor community is central to that principle. GearTribe is an active member of the Conservation Alliance, whose mission is to “…protect wild places for their habitat and recreation values.” The company also intends to collaborate regularly with merchant partners on initiatives to benefit local or national causes. 

GearTribe will be donating proceeds from the launch of its “Anywhere Deals” to support Metanoia, a film based on the life and climbs of legendary alpinist, Jeff Lowe. Additionally, GearTribe will utilize its platform to promote membership sales for the Seattle-based Mountaineers. The Mountaineers is an organization dedicated to “helping people explore, conserve, learn about and enjoy the lands and waters of the Pacific Northwest.” All GearTribe proceeds from these membership sales will be donated back to the Mountaineers. Specific dates and donations associated with GearTribe’s ongoing philanthropic initiatives will be published at

You can join the Tribe at Check out the GearTribe Facebook Sweepstakes Contests currently running and enter to win more than $6,000 in prizes to be awarded during the last week of August.