Kelly Slater, surfing legend and ocean conservationist, launched a new skincare brand, Freaks of Nature, a Squared Circles company, for the outdoor athlete. Additional investors include Mike Meldman, co-founder of Casamigos Tequila and Founder of Discovery Land, and actor and filmmaker Jonah Hill.

In an outdoor athlete consumer survey commissioned by Squared Circles, results found a growing generation of outdoor athletes searching to optimize their whole body health, with 78 percent explicitly seeking products that maximize the health of their skin barrier and 95 percent seeking a skincare brand formulated for their needs. 

Created for the outdoor enthusiast, the Freaks of Nature line is formulated with bio-engineered ingredients to withstand wind, sun exposure, heat and sweat, and pollution while promoting a balanced skin microbiome.

“My entire career, I’ve been looking for products that are engineered for performance and built for me as a professional athlete but that are not detrimental to my body or the planet,” said Slater, “With Freaks of Nature, we’ve finally cracked that code, enabling athletes to go harder at their sport for longer.”

Freaks of Nature is reportedly investing in the latest developments in biomimicry with two products that work holistically to prioritize athletes’ unique needs:

  • Deeper Dive Serum Gel to build the skin’s barrier and balance the microbiome with a post-biotic bacillus ferment with a prebiotic effect enhancing the skin’s microbiome and brown algae extract to boost collagen and hydrate the skin.
  • Daily Defender SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen with plant-based water resistance and formulated with B-Silk, biofabricated vegan spider silk, a microbiome-friendly biofilm to create an extra layer of protection against environmental stressors.

“The outdoor athlete is the ultimate embodiment of what we call at Squared Circles the Conscious Maximalist consumer,” said Lukas Derksen, co-founder of Squared Circles. “A highly discerning audience who will refuse to compromise on product performance or sustaining the planet. Freaks of Nature clearly delivers on both.”

Freaks of Nature uses nature as its inspiration and collaborates with partners to biosynthesize performance ingredients to create a product line for active consumers, including bio-fabricated Squalane, B-Silk, and a postbiotic bacillus ferment. These ingredients “help to increase bacterial diversity and improve the skin barrier function, both vital factors for a healthy skin microbiome.” 

All packaging is consciously designed. The company reports to have “created the first airless pump with 100 percent upcycled, ocean-bound plastic in collaboration with Oceanworks, a plastic action platform providing chain-of-custody assurance and material traceability.”

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