Franklin Sports introduced the FS Tour Paddle Series, a line of four pickleball paddles, including the Dynasty 14MM, Dynasty 16MM, Tempo 14MM and Tempo 16MM. The paddle series is intended to meet the needs of different athletes’ styles of play in “power, control, touch, and hand speed.”

“In the dynamic world of Pickleball, Franklin Sports recognizes each player as a unique athlete with distinct preferences. The FS Tour Paddle Series provides players with a selection of paddles crafted to the highest specifications and tailored to meet the varied needs of top-level athletes,” said Adam Franklin, president of Franklin Sports. “The official launch of the FS Tour Series aligns perfectly with our current momentum at Franklin Sports, following the conclusion of the 2023 USA Pickleball National Championships, where our X-40 ball was used exclusively. The success at Nationals of our victorious Franklin athletes, who played with these brand-new paddles, adds to the excitement surrounding this launch.”

Technical features of the FS Tour Paddle Series include a high-density epoxy foam insert in the edge guard maximizing the sweet spot and eliminating the need for additional weight; a 4.5-inch vented grip; and a raw T700 carbon fiber surface for precision shots.

The FS Tour Paddle Series is supported by Franklin’s sponsored pickleball athletes, each selecting a paddle to complement their play style:

  • JW Johnson, the National Champion in pro men’s singles and National Medalist in pro mixed doubles and pro men’s doubles, uses the Dynasty 16MM. 
  • Jorja Johnson, a national medalist in pro mixed doubles, uses the Tempo 16MM. 
  • Julie Johnson uses the Dynasty 16MM for singles and the Tempo 16MM for doubles. 
  • Hayden Patriquin plays with  the Dynasty 14MM.

Photo courtesy of Franklin Sports