Fox River, a leading U.S. manufacturer of outdoor, work, military, snow, sport and lifestyle performance socks since 1900, is scheduled to appear on the new Travel Channel series, ‘Made in America’.

Show host George Motz also produced the critically-acclaimed documentary ‘Hamburger America’, and is renowned as an Emmy award-winning freelance filmmaker and photographer. Motz and his crew have been touring the U.S. with the Travel Channel to explore factories that produce some of the most innovative products in the world and how these products are made.

The Travel Channel selected Fox River due to their long-standing history as America’s oldest sock brand and steadfast commitment to remaining made in America. Fox River says its commitment to domestic production has helped foster a higher quality product and elevated environmental standards. Minimized transportation costs aid in maintaining an accessible price for retailers and consumers, giving them overall value for their money.

“With more than 110-years of experience in the American sock business, we have a unique prespective on the sock industry and how to produce better products domestically,” said Jeffrey Lessard, co-owner of Fox River Mills who is featured in the segment. “We care about giving our customers products they can trust without sacrificing performance while providing great value.”

The Travel Channel segment follows Fox River’s new Adventure Cross Terrain (AXT) performance socks through the production process. This new generation of socks features an advanced fit system, spandex compression zones, reinforced wear areas and a combination of Merino wool fiber for trail running, backpacking and adventure racing among other outdoor pursuits. The episode also demonstrates how Fox River helped to proliferate an American icon with the Original Sock Monkey, made from the Original Rockford Red Heel Monkey Sock by Fox River.

“The sock monkey holds a special place in the heart of American culture,” commented Becky Lessard, vice president of Monkey Business at Fox River. “Most everyone grew up with a sock monkey, so it’s our pleasure to continue this tradition and introduce the monkey to new generations.”

“We’re proud to be featured on this program, especially in a time when many apparel and outdoor gear brands are sending production overseas,” continued Jeff Lessard. “It’s not just about making great products and providing exceptional value. Fox River takes enormous pride in providing local jobs that support our family, friends and neighbors.”

The “Made in America’ episode was filmed with George Motz at Fox Rivers Mills in Osage, Iowa in June and airs on Tuesday, Nov. 1st at 8:30 p.m. ET and PT.