Founder Sport Group, a manufacturer of performance athletic apparel, in tandem with All Clear Foundation, announced that it is committing part of its manufacturing facilities to join in the effort to help fight the spread of COVID-19.

Inspired by the sacrifice made by First Responders To Keep All Americans Safe, Founder Sport has introduced a performance activity mask as well as an inspirationally-messaged t-shirt, with 100 percent of all net proceeds from the sale of both products being donated to the All Clear Foundation, a 501c3 organization dedicated to improving the life expectancy and wellbeing of all First Responders.

As part of this effort, Founder Sport will use its cut and sew plants in Statesville, NC and Managua, Nicaragua to produce the performance activity masks (PAMs), which are designed for active individuals. While not a replacement for medical-grade face masks, they are engineered to serve as an additional barrier to the outside environment. Each PAM features performance micro-polyester with spandex fabrics for a snug fit around the nose and mouth, and all net proceeds from sales of the masks will be donated directly to All Clear Foundation in support of First Responders and their families.

“We are hopeful that the performance activity mask will provide concerned citizens some peace of mind while allowing medically-approved N95 masks to go to front-line personnel,” said John Anton, CEO of Founder Sport Group.  “During this time of crisis, we are focused on making a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of our community at large, and First Responders specifically.”

Additionally, Founder Sport is unveiling specialty t-shirts emblazoned with the message: “The Best Offense is a Good Defense.”  The tee reminds the public to defend against the spread of COVID-19 by staying home, practicing social distancing and washing hands. 100 percent of all net proceeds from the sale of both the t-shirts and PAM will be donated to All Clear Foundation and can be purchased online at

“In these unprecedented times, we all have an opportunity to step up and do our part to take the pressure off of the healthcare system and stop COVID-19,” said Janell Farr, President, All Clear Foundation. “First Responders and healthcare workers are in desperate need of supplies and we sincerely appreciate the efforts of Founder Sport Group in the fight by retooling their factories to help with production as well as increasing awareness of the importance of staying home whenever possible. We also send a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who supports First Responders through the purchase of Founder Sport Group’s performance activity masks and inspirational t-shirts.”

Logo courtesy All Clear Foundation