Flywheel Sports, an indoor cycling brand, is planning a consumer release of an at-home bike and streaming content platform.

The move comes amid the roll out new state-of-the-art performance bikes across all studios and the launch of a suite of user-centric online technology and content features. The launch spearheads the company’s strategy to expand beyond bricks and mortar into a full omni-channel experience that aims to capture the full market of performance-oriented fitness athletes, whether in studio or at home.

According to Flywheel’s research, the size of the target market is estimated to be 40 million American adults. This market includes those who are driven to improve athletic performance and for whom friendly competition and accountability to goals drive their fitness experience. Research indicates substantial growth potential for the company beyond its current user base of 600,000 riders.

Each innovation is customized to the goal-oriented needs of the athletic fitness consumer. High performance bikes are designed to bring new levels of precision and performance to the Flywheel riding experience. The new bikes launched this month in Flywheel’s newest studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Santa Monica, CA with roll-out across all studios over the next year.

Custom research focusing on Flywheel riders shows 70 percent working toward a specific athletic goal such as improved endurance, increased strength or athletic event training. To help Fly Athletes achieve these goals, Flywheel will launch a series of online features for in studio and at home including:

  • An Athletic Intelligence Engine that personalizes content, challenges and class recommendations based on fitness goals of each individual customer.
  • Medals that reflect both rides at home and in studio to benchmark performance within the Flywheel community and include Power Pro (power score), Road Warrior (mileage), Class Master (cumulative number of classes) and more.
  • A Refreshed iOS app with enhanced dashboard that enables riders to track progress, medals and performance.

At-Home Bike And Streaming Workout Classes
Coming soon, riders at home will have access to Flywheel’s motivating, immersive studio experience through a streaming content platform that includes live and on-demand classes filmed in a state of the art production studio in New York. Streaming classes will include Flywheel’s proprietary FLY Tech tracking technology and signature features, such as the TorqBoard, Power score and off bike precision training. Riders will have the opportunity to compare ride metrics with the entire Flywheel user community to track progress against themselves and others.

“Flywheel pioneered the idea of performance tracking technology in the world of indoor cycling, so it’s no surprise that we have attracted a like-minded community of athletic riders,” said Flywheel CEO Sarah Robb O’Hagan, who delivered the announcement live as part of the programming agenda at The SALT Conference in Las Vegas. “The Flywheel at home experience will enable us to tap into our rider’s competitive spirit and bring more athletes onto our team. Performance riders want to compete and compare with the best fitness athletes out there, and we are excited to open our community to everyone, even if they don’t live near one of our studios.”

The at-home bike and streaming content platform will mark the brand’s first major launch under O’Hagan’s watch as CEO since she was appointed in February following leadership positions at Equinox, Nike, Virgin and Gatorade.

“Extending the Flywheel experience to the home will help us spread our mission of accountable fitness to more athletes in more ways than ever before,” said Flywheel Co-Founder Ruth Zukerman, who founded the company in 2010. “It’s exciting to be rolling out new ways for our passionate community of riders to push themselves to the next level of their fitness – wherever they are.”

Photo courtesy Flywheel