Flow International and K2 Sports have resolved their binding patent dispute. Under the terms of the agreement, each binding brand will continue to be offered to the snowboard market. The joint announcement was made by Flow International Division Manager, Anthony Scaturro, and K2 Vice President, Anthony De Rocco.

The arrangement between the two companies was said to “validate and secure” both K2 Sports’ patented Cinch binding technology and Flow’s patented binding technologies for the remainder of the terms of their respective patents that had been at the center of the dispute.

“Respect for each other’s intellectual properties is core to the agreement,” stated Scaturro, “and allows the two brands to compete in the market rather than in court. We can now get back to the business of building quality products to fuel the rapidly growing category of reclining hiback bindings that offer the rider performance, comfort, and convenience.”

DeRocco went on to comment that, “Although the arrangement between our two companies will remain confidential, it’s important to know that it was resolved in a professional and amicable win-win manner for the industry and end users. K2 will continue to invest in and grow our rapidly successful Cinch binding platform that offers riders the needed response and adjustable performance features in a truly unique on-the-fly speed system.”