Fitness Quest has filed suit against 23 different eBay users who allegedly sold and marketed counterfeit AB Lounge abdominal exercise machines. In court documents obtained by Sports Executive Weekly, Fitness Quest claims it has spent over $50 million in advertising and sold over 4 million products under the AB Lounge name. The company has also received the Federal trademark registrations for the AB Lounge name.

According to the complaint, the defendants have been selling inferior counterfeits that do not have specific upgrades that were implemented after Fitness Quest conducted a recall last year. Apparently, the counterfeiters copied the AB Lounge users manual and training video as well, and Fitness Quest is going after the defendants on copyright infringement for these materials in addition to trademark infringement on the product itself.

Fitness Quest is asking the court to permanently enjoin the defendants from selling these products and for compensation for unfair competition.