The Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA)’s 2020 Single Sport Reports covering fitness activities find traditionally “niche” fitness activities are growing significantly. These activities include Yoga (6.0 percent), Barre (3.8 percent) and Stationary Cycling – Group (5.3 percent); which, in addition to reflecting healthy growth in 2019, also indicates they have been growing over the last five years.

The most popular fitness categories, boasting 50-to 100-plus million participants, all increased in participation in 2019 —Treadmill (5.7 percent), Running/Jogging (1.2 percent), Walking for Fitness (0.4 percent) and Free Weights — Dumbbells/Hand Weights (0.3 percent).

The 24 individual fitness activity reports are now available.

“Participation rates for fitness activities have been strong and consistent,” said SFIA CEO and president, Tom Cove. “The fact that participation in nearly every category increased in 2019 reflects the breadth and importance of fitness in the United States. These reports provide readers with an unparalleled understanding of each activity on an individual basis, whether it be yoga, weightlifting, HIIT (high-intensity training), or dance.”

“The fitness segment was robust going into 2020, and while the pandemic is deeply impacting the health club industry, all indications suggest home fitness activities and product sales will skyrocket this year under COVID-related restrictions,” Cove added.

All 2020 SFIA Single Sport and Fitness Participation Reports are $99 (per report) to all current SFIA members and $295 for non-members. More information about these reports can be found by clicking here.