Fishpond, creators of high quality fly-fishing and outdoor travel gear and accessories, has acquired Nomad Nets and hired its founder and designer Kevin Best on board.
Nomad Nets are made from a carbon fiber and fiberglass composite making them extremely lightweight and durable. Besides withstanding anglers’ heavy use, the composite nets are waterproof, weatherproof and buoyant. Available in five styles: Boat Net, Mid-Length Boat Net Guide Net, Mid-Length Net and Hand Net, fishpond will incorporate nets into its accessories line and brand them under Fishpond’s Nomad Series. 
“I was fed up with wooden nets that would break, sink and cause fatigue after carrying them around day after day, so I decided to combine my knowledge of sporting goods products with my love of fly fishing to create Nomad Nets,” explains Kevin Best, Nomad Nets founder and designer. “After meeting the crew at Fishpond and the initial acquisition talks began, I was very excited about the distribution and awareness a company of Fishpond’s stature could offer my nets. Now that I am joining the Fishpond team internally as well, I can’t wait to explore expanding the net line and creating spectacular products for anglers and outdoorsman alike.”
“Acquiring Nomad Nets is just one more example of Fishpond being on the forefront of the fly fishing market and allows us to introduce these incredible nets to the broader market,” notes Fishpond co-owner, Will Kurtz. “Bringing nets into the product lineup for Fishpond allows us to expand our offerings and put our marketing efforts behind another product that we stand behind 100 per cent. And having Kevin join this fast-paced company will surely bring great innovation to future products.”